Our Admissions Officers are available to serve you around the clock.

Documents for admission & registration:

  • Personal ID
  • Medical order from the admitting physician
  • Guarantor’s ID (when applicable)
  • Guarantor’s approval, including reason for hospitalization and covered length of stay (when applicable)

Note: Admission of emergency cases through Emergency Room (ER). When applicable, necessary guarantor’s approvals should be secured within 24 hours of admission.


A deposit payment may be prerequisite for patient’s admission in certain medical procedures, patient lengths of stay, or based on the type of guarantor coverage.

Orientation upon admission:

Once admitted, nursing staff will escort patients to their rooms and introduce them to the hospitals rules and regulation as well as to the service the patient will receive.


Discharge instructions and related aftercare education are provided by the attending physicians and nurses in charge.

A patient’s medical file is finalized by the nursing staff at each clinical department, then sent to the Patient Accounts & Billing Department in order to issue the invoices to be billed. After the invoices are collected the Cashier Officer would issue the order of discharge to the respective clinical departments.